Asthma (Monthly Matters – May 2015

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Library, Re-Configured

May 2, 2015
When you visit the Library you may notice that some areas have been moved. That is because the Library is now ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. In some cases the stacks are taller to compensate for wider aisles. Pleases ask a staff person for help to reach items on the tops of these shelves. Additionally, as a result of this and previous floods, old volumes have been discarded.

A “quiet zone” has been designated on the north side of the Library. Also near this area is the Computer training room, the 6 computers of which have been upgraded.

Technology Changes at the Library

May 6. 2015
As part of our technology upgrade plan, we have made the following improvements:

  • Installed FIOS, a fiber optic technology designed to greatly increase the speed at which you access the internet.
  • Upgraded our infrastructure – including cabling, server and firewall. This increases speed and security.
  • Installed new software to provide you with the ability to connect to the Library’s network, internet, printing facilities and databases, all by using your Library card.
  • Added 2 express stations to be used for quick printing and network searches. Can also be used to reserve a computer for use later that day.
  • Upgraded 12 patron PCs for speeds and security.

Library Book Sale

With the re-opening of the Library, we will be holding our annual book sale. Hardcover, paperbacks,, health and food, biographies and more will be sold. The last day will be the bag sale –